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Philip M. Cioppa is a cultural and financial pundit who specializes in asset management strategies, insurance planning and taxation issues. Recently, he is named as one of "America's Premier Experts" and also one of the "Trendsetters of the New Economy." He is married to Janie and lives with his niece Amanda and great-nephew Edrien in Danbury, Connecticut.

He was a Catholic priest for more about 18 years. In 2001, he left the ministry to pursue new life changes and the Catholic Church has given him a laicization upon his request.

Philip M. Cioppa was a radio talk show host of "The Phil Cioppa Show", nationally syndicated in over 153 markets via CRN Digital Talk Radio and Business Talk Radio Network. In June 2012, he released the book entitled "My Views On Today's Economy". The book was voted number one on Book Daily and top to be the most read book in business and investing section on Philly Book Club. He is a widely sought after interviewee on regional and national radio and TV, including blogging and writing articles for various outlets has became his passion.

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